Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath doesn’t need much introduction for the people who are serious about yoga and self-realization. The relentless promoter of Earth-Peace through Self-Peace and a renowned Kriya, Hamsa, and Surya yoga teacher is well-known and recognized worldwide.

Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath teachingsThere are more than 500 YouTube videos with his teachings to guide and help you on your spiritual path. Many of the videos are created to help you practice various yoga techniques correctly and effectively. Other videos give insight into Yogiraj’s thoughts about spiritual transformation and development. He answers questions about breath and awareness, the soul’s life and self-consciousness, supreme realities and spiritual encounters, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at the topics Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath touched one in his videos.

Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath explains shifting from ego turning to the Divine

Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath approaches the Divine with reverence and humility. He sees himself as the messenger of the Divine and the Truth. The more reverence and unconditional love the disciple has for his Guru Master, the more his heart charka will be open and receptive to his energy.

Yogiraj suggests forgetting about your ego, radically throw it aside. Further on, he explains what Satguru is. “It is when the creator, or Lord or Satguru or Babaji Ji or whoever you want, becomes the sound emotion of my breath: breath through me, oh divine Lord for you are the Breather of my breath and the deliverer of my life, I am nothing, there is no “I” in me there is only “The.” He continues with the way to do it. “Shift your identity from the ego to the soul. You are not the doer. It is Babaji Ji, or Satguru is the doer. So the “I” is out. It is an excellent way to get “I” out. Lord, you are. I do not do the breathing. Because if I think I do it, I am the Breather, and I am giving myself lightness because existence exists because of me, but it is not valid. It is because of the Devine. You cushion yourself with you and not with ego; you shift your identity from the perishable body and mind to the divine imperishable soul, blessed soul, divine Shiva, divine Babaj Ji, divine Satguru. You are the Breather of myself, breath through me. That is the solution. Shift your identity from your Not-Self to your True-Self”.

Yogiraj calls your spirit “magnificent indweller,” one of the most natural and most accurate forms of yourself. According to Master Yogiraj, our mind is often filled with garbage and thinking non-sense all the time. Our body is corruptible, too, because it is falling sick so often. But the spirit is a silent watcher, who watches us from within, the pure, immovable, divine witness, the divine indweller. The witness is the God within. 

Guru Yogiraj is eager to teach his followers to distinguish between their apparent selves from their true selves. A human is not a corruptible body; neither is he a fleeting mind, but he is a divine soul. The human being is not just a physical body that sleeps, decays, and dies, but he is an immortal consciousness, Lord of the Earth and skies. We need to change our mindset and understand it. 

Energy transmission through breathing

Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath promotes Siddhanath Samadhi Yoga. He created this type of yoga himself to help yoga practitioners to accomplish the state of natural enlightenment

The Master believes that the enlightened state is indescribable with words; it can only be experienced. 

A devoted human being can achieve it every day at any time. Once your spiritual practice has matured to the level of enlightenment, you will know it when you have reached this state. 

It could be achieved through the basic technique of the White Swan. Through this technique, your breath becomes united with your mind. All your natural breathing gets absorbed in the meditation, and you slowly reach the state of Sahaj Samadhi.

But you have to be receptive to the Guru. “If you come with a closed mind to me, you won’t’ t be able to feel my vibrations. Don’t sit thinkingly, sit feelingly. Just enjoy and feel the energy I am transmitting to you; it will be healing for you. You will feel soothing; it makes your body lighter. As the sun is radiating, I am also radiating 24/7 energy”.

Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath appeals to his follower to become mindless in his presence to receive more of his spirituality. “You will feel it. I have no mind. So, I am in the state of enlightenment. Your mental sky is full of fogs and clouds. To be in the presence of the Lord your mental sky needs to be clean and spotless. When I am in the state of no-mind, don’t’ t have a mind. I have a consciousness; I have the spirit and the soul. When I am in a state of no-thought, there is no psychological time around me. And therefore, the chronological time by which you people live – lunch, dinner time when it comes to no-time it ceases to whop, gets destroyed. 

You cover more distance in more time. 

He is saying almost poetically that “the cord of breath ties humanity through love.”

It is possible to receive the True Master’s energy. It doesn’t’ matter how far you are. You need sincerely to open your heart and cry out to any Satguru to transmit his power. “Don’t’ t close up yourself, sit not thinkingly but sit feelingly, which means shifting your consciousness from your head to your heart. When you do this, the rainbow bridge from your Master will connect to your heart. The True Master is equal to all people at all times. He doesn’t’ t have favorites except that all of you are his favorites, and loves you with the same intensity. Life means to prune, and the true Master puts his life on the line for his disciples; I will breathe my life forth through your breath”.