Yoga Burn is a fitness and way of living enhancement website. Zoe Bray-Cotton and Digital Health Solutions Inc. created Yoga Burn. Yoga Burn assists women to live happier, and healthier lives through yoga-fitness programs. Leveraging her 10 yrs of personal training and yoga instructing, Zoe is the designer of the health and fitness programs. She did this in partnership with the team of Digital Health Solutions Inc fitness experts. Women in dozens of countries across the world use Yoga Burn. Health, happiness and body shaping benefits that solid yoga-fitness programs give is what women are after. You don’t need a fitness center subscriptions or workout equipment to be part of Zoe’s Yoga Burn program. Independent parties established the authenticity of the programs.

Yoga Burn Explained

Yoga Burn is a downloadable and online body shaping program for women. The program is always available at your fingertips with any device. What makes Yoga Burn so distinct and efficient is its strategic 3 stage method to natural, healthy weight loss. It addresses the hurdles women experience when it comes to losing weight, forming their body and feeling confident. It’s a one-of-a-kind 3-phase method is also known as Dynamic Sequencing.

How Yoga Burn Works

The secret to the results of the Yoga Burn Program lays in what’s referred to as Dynamic Sequencing. Dynamic Sequencing is how the yoga burn program teaches you how to carry out each move correctly. Then the program carries on to adapt and boost the challenge at the precise moment your body gets used to the routine. Changing the routine pushes your body to change and adapt. Adapting allows to develop a shaped, feminine body that not just looks better but feels healthier too! The unique 3 phase program takes you through a series of videos to improve and maintain your body. The routine also keeps your mind guessing to ensure you do not get dulled, or reach a plateau. All video’s are 45 minutes long and can be done whenever, wherever. You are encouraged to finish three 45 minute videos a week, with the option to complete a bonus video session. The bonus video fixates on boosting your mental well being, self-confidence, and overall happiness.

Zoe Bray-Cotton Background

Zoe Bray-Cotton from Yoga Burn

Zoe Bray-Cotton is a qualified yoga trainer and endorsed fitness expert. She taught all major forms and types of yoga for over a decade through several of most well known and notable gyms in North America as well as Yoga Studios. Zoe is the inventor of the Yoga Burn system for women.

Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge

Zoe crafted the distinct fitness routine solely for women. Women that would like to work on shaping and toning their entire body while shedding fat and delighting in the incredible advantages of yoga at the same time. She believes the key to the efficiency of the Yoga Burn Total Body Challenge lies in the innovative type of low impact resistance training called Extension Training.

Zoe regularly shares tips and yoga routines on her Yoga Burn Facebook and Instagram page.

Does Yoga Burn get you Results

Hundreds of people across the world reach their results with Yoga Burn. These results could be health and/or looks orientated. Many exchanged their adventure with reviews on the internet to stimulate other women. Bloggers also tried out Zoe’s programs to see if it works and provided their opinion.