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Sunny Handa Urges People to End Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse in the view of Sunny Handa from Vancouver

Animal inhumanity takes place in all areas of the world. Documented instances of the offense are just the start of the iceberg as far as Sunny Handa is concerned. There are tons or even thousands of cases of abuse that stay unreported. People carry out violent and horrific injuries on animals, each residential and stray. With around 70%, a large number of documented animals are dogs, followed by cats with nearly 21%.. But according to Handa, all sorts of animals are mistreated in a wide range of manners, and he/she wants everyone to be mindful of the signs and fight against animal cruelty.

Understand Indicators with Sunny Handa

Cruelty can take many forms stretching from accidental neglect due to the absence of education and resources, including premeditated cruelty such as dog battling. It is essential to examine both pets as well as their environment to figure out if fault may be taking place. Disturbing, timid and tense behavior can appear for many reasons other than abuse. For example, a dog that is treated for a medical condition may look sick at the beginning of their recovery period. Sunny Handa shared some signs that can help you know if the pet( s) you’ve paid attention to may be victims of cruelty or neglect.

Symptoms of harm:

▪ Collar in the pet’s neck rooted so tight it is leading to a wound
▪ Open wounds, indications of several restored injuries, or a persistent problem or illness that isn’t alleviated
▪ Unattended skin conditions that have caused a deficit of hair, scaly skin, bumps or rashes
▪ Flea, tick or other outer infestation of the fur
▪ Patches of bumpy, flaky skin rashes
▪ Signs of inadequate grooming; matted hair, overgrown nails, filthy coat
▪ Limping or the incapability to run or stand normally
▪ Extraordinary physical weakness
▪ Substantial discharge from eyes or nose
▪ Seen beating or other signs of physical harm
▪ Noticeable signs of confusion or extreme tiredness
▪ Pets are visibly emaciated
▪ Pets behaving in a hostile manner to owners and other individuals

What you can do

Sunny Handa Urges People to End Animal AbuseSunny Handa advises every person to keep an eye on these indications to make known animal cruelty as soon as achievable. He strongly believes that courts and legal officials need to take charges very seriously and be more strict on repeat offenders.

It is time we start to look out for our furry family members since they do not have a voice. If you recognize of any mistreated animals close to you but unsure what to do, get in contact with Suny Handa.

Contact Sunny Handa

Email: [email protected]
Vancouver British Columbia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunnyHanda19

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunny-handa-10b0a0196/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sunnyhanda0853/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN9bbVEo9JFwdAHkPe2mV9w

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