How JT Foxx Mega Success works

People from over 71 countries and nationalities come together at JT Foxx Mega Success. Every year, JT travels the world to have mega success speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs share their knowledge and insights with each other. There have been 14 Mega Events so far. And every year, the list of guest celebrity speakers and attendees increases.

JT Foxx on stage at Mega Success

JT Foxx started Mega Success is to educate and help people finding ways to partner together, get branded, and increase your business net-worth. His gathering provides a valuable network. There are people attending from all around the world with different backgrounds and qualities. Whether it’s the celebrities, millionairs or the passionate entrepreneurs. At Mega Success, everyone is the same. Everyone is searching ways to network and do business together.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Wozniak, Michael Buffer, Michelle Mone Obe, Jay Abraham and John Travolta and many more attended JT’s events.

Mega Success is not about sales

Some people call JT Foxx scam and think Mega Success is all about selling stuff. But Mega Success is about sales. There are no speakers trying to sell their products. Every speech is merely 10 minutes so that attendees get to see and hear as many people, methods, and strategies as feasable.

Success is all that matters at Mega Success, wich looks different for everyone. Maybe you are bringing money to invest, coming to network, or you want to learn. Whatever it is, the opportunities are endless at Mega Success.

Should you go to JT Foxx Mega Success

Founder and editor-in-chief of Her Grit Magazine, Charmaine Mbatha, has been to JT Foxx Mega Success events since 2015. She believes in the power of coaching, but in particular, the coaching by JT Foxx.

Hype News wrote that JT Foxx Mega Success is valuable to people who want to step out of their comfort zones. And also for people who want to interact with successful people from all over the world.

There are many reasons why people want to join Mega Success. The wonder of it all is in the surprising opportunities that can happen. Whether it’s people needing a business partner or investor, or brand-new ideas to start a business and get your message heard across the globe. 

One could say that this is one of those ultimate events that will truly help hone their entrepreneurial skills.

You can visit Mega Success in Tel Aviv on 21 May, 2019.