Verify Identity

Sometimes New Users Will Be Required To Verify Their Identity

To minimize abuse, you must verify your identity after registering your user account. Follow these simple steps.

Make sure you have read and agreed to our terms of service (Briefly described on home page). You can Publish your first post here.
. Verify that you are a real person by sending us $0.01 via PayPal, this will then be refunded. You can do this now by sending us one penny through PayPal (will be refunded). Verify-ID-Paypal-1PennyWe will simply use the details in the PayPal transaction to confirm that you are who you say you are. After making the PayPal micro transaction, a volunteer administrator will refund your 1 penny through PayPal. A volunteer administrator will review your pending submission, and either publish, or return to your for revision if you wrote something not allowed by our terms of use. Once your response has been approved and is live, make sure you tweet it, Facebook it, and post the response page link conspicuously so that Search Engines increase its ranking. REPORT ABUSE: If you believe that a response posted within this website is abusive, defamatory (define defamation) or otherwise in breach of our terms of use. Report it immediately.

Tips for Issuing an Effective Response

  1. For first-time users, make sure you include your Twitter and other social networking links in your profile.
  2. Choose an appropriate title, is important to use the keyword that you are trying to protect in Google search results within the title.
  3. Create the body content, remember keep it objective, don’t make excuses, don’t ask for sympathy, because these tactics have proven to work against you. You should write it almost as if you are a third-party reporting on the issues.
  4. DO NOT Copy and Paste content that you would used elsewhere online, we have a plagiarism checker and posts that are duplicated from elsewhere will be deleted. This is imperative, otherwise Google may penalize the website for duplicated content.
  5. Submit your response. It will then be moderated by an administrator, and published when approved. If there are any problems with the content, the moderator will email you with instructions.
  6. Confirm that you are a real person, responses will not be made public until your identity is confirmed. See PayPal instructions above for details.