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Michael Roberts Page1.me Qualification Highlights Through Case Study Samples

Case 1: Capture of Murder Fugitive in 73 mins following a two-month manhunt

The Brief— Michael Roberts Page1.me supported a joint task force of U.S. Marshals and the Maryland
State Police Force in the 2-month manhunt for an on the run criminal, who had been on the run in
relationship with the homicide of a 26 year old man, on June 21, 2013.
The Outcome
1. Michael formed a pretext for a sting operation and then, after approval from
law enforcement, conveyed a text message to one of the suspect’s family members. The message had one of Mike’s exclusive tactical tripwire payloads connected thereto.
2. Therefore, the tripwire channelled various electronic footprints, involving incidents set off by the fugitive from behind anonymous proxy servers, presumably in an effort to cover his location. Over the following few hours Michael remained to operate with the task force to circumvent the fugitive’s attempts to hide his endeavors and location.
3. As a result of the digital artefacts and intelligence gathered by Mike, within a few hours the team discovered a cell phone number. It was allocated to a disposable SIM card in the possession of the fugitive, but it did not reconnect to the cell-tower network after Michael initially found it– ergo triangulation was impossible. It made an appearance that the fugitive had bought the SIM card to utilize once for an emergency and after that ruined it.
4. Consequent to seeking advice from with Mike, U.S. Marshals acquired a warrant and were able to get the Unique Device Identifier [UDID] that was associated with the one-time-use SIM card. A couple days later the same UDID connected again to the national cellular infrastructure, but in association with a new disposable SIM card. The US Marshals were then capable to triangulate the physical location of the fugitive who was then arrested interstate, and imprisoned for trial.

Case 2: State Police Service, Fraud and Corporate Crime Group (Computer Crime Investigation Unit).

The Brief— A threat was created against an Australian state police service that included an attack against its online sources and the publishing of officers’ database details. This risk, if carried out, would have cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars; as well as severely compromising reputation, confidentiality, safety and security and operational standing of active members. Mike’s team’s brief was to work with the limited knowledge the Police Service had provided to identify if it were possible to develop a better profile and pinpoint threat masterminds from anonymous personas and online.
accounts he had generated. The Police Service had made no headway in more than 10 days.
The Outcome— Michael Roberts Page1.me was able to:.
1. Confidently identify operational personas and accurate identities of the key participants, deal with network infrastructure, geolocation and other identifying details. The lead hacker was identified within three hours.
2. Map even more communications channels and techniques used by related personas.
3. Detect a nest of HACTivists in the format of a community of 1000+ friends inside an obscure social networking platform, used for hidden communications and private messaging, away from of mainstream and highly investigated social networking platforms. This breakthrough was a mother lode of knowledge.
4. Recover and rebuild an archive of interactions carried out and exchanged by the key perpetrator, in effect recovering deleted communications, retrieving conversations, assumed to have been private, and collecting existing public communications.
5. Develop a walk-through “cheat sheet” for Police Service personnel which ultimately reduced Mike’s work product to only the essential investigation steps by eliminating the superfluous elements. In doing so a sworn officer was able to replicate the intelligence gathering and evidence preservation measures necessitated to positively identify the key perpetrator and inexorably link all relevant communications to that individual. Thereby enabling the officer to testify under oath as needed to attain warrants, and at some point testify before the jury, rather than needing Michael to go public with techniques and involvement.

Case 3: Diplomat Espionage Vulnerability Ended.

The Brief— Diplomat (BB4/BB3 officer) from a Commonwealth nation lost control of some.
jeopardizing photographs. It was believed that her previous partner, working for her nation’s defense intelligence community, started posting images anonymously on gossip and file sharing websites. The risks of permitting the threat to persist consisted of the personal cost of loss of face, loss of job and possibly compromising national security via extortion.
The Outcome— Michael and his staff were able to identify:.
1. all offending digital publicly available artefacts therefore, making it possible for their removal.
2. the antagonist’s location and several digital artefacts.
The end result of our initiatives resulted in the wrongdoer ceasing all malicious actions; the individual is no longer stalking, posting, threatening or corresponding with the client at that point in time.

Case 4: Celebrity Trolling and Tortious Tampering by Competitors.

The Brief— An American celebrity, sports-business person came under an organized Internet libel and smear project by true name, anonymous and pseudonymous individuals. The smear campaign was set up as a grassroots social outcry against the individual with accurate statements supported, for the most part, only by logical fallacies in the form of ad hominem, straw man and other common fallacious arguments.
Whereas, what appeared to be public wrath was in fact a meticulously produced conspiracy consisting of one protagonist in organization with ten or fewer lesser antagonists, each presumed of utilizing numerous alter egos in what is referred to as “astroturfing”. This selection of plotters was then able to set in motion scores if not hundreds of individuals involved in the specialty sport into taking on the untrue statements as their own opinions, and resulting in a wildfire of unmanageable unfavorable sentiment by the viral crowd.
The individual cost of this collective effort against the client was estimated to be in the millions of dollars.
The Outcome— The small team, guided by Michael was able to:.
1. Efficiently identify the key individuals responsible for publishing and administering cornerstone websites in spite of:.
a. the application of proxy services and IP addresses.
b. anonymous domain registrations through a Panamanian provider utilizing cash/money order.
2. Investigate, identify and monitor the huge selection of usernames over a number of websites, forums and social networking pages and:.
a. isolate smaller groups/cells of organized conspirators.
b. positively identify the individuals and addresses behind some of these usernames.
c. instruct the client on the most effective strategic and tactical go forward motions to mitigate additional trouble and counteraction, inasmuch as it was achievable, the damage already delivered.
As a result of Mike’s team’s involvement in this case, the client was capable to leverage the evidence collected to bring about the immediate suspension of the key website( s) utilized in the attack and in doing so interrupting many weeks of the plotters’ search engine optimization, back linking, and information posting throughout social media.

Case 5: Michael Roberts Page1.me Has Wrongly Charged Discharged From Jail.

The Brief— This was a pro bono case. A North Carolina male was arrested for allegedly directing death threats electronically to his separated wife. The personal cost was loss of freedom through incarceration and loss of child custody, earnings, possessions and reputation.
The Outcome— Michael was able to prove that the messages originated from the claimed victim who was setting up the man to get an advantage in child custody proceedings. Michael submitted evidence and assisting affidavit to prosecutors. The man was consequently discharged after spending 12 nights in a county jail.

Case 6: David Jones Fraudulent Takeover Bid & Stock Manipulation.

The Brief— To recognize the individual associated to a multi-billion takeover bid of one of Australia’s largest department stores; the case had been shrouded in mystery and was being heavily inspected by skeptics. Fairfax Media Journalist Rachel Wells’ individual report of this case is below:
” I recently consulted with Michael to help me on one of the biggest breaking business news stories in Australia’s recent history. The brief was to help identify the individual connected to a multi-billion takeover bid for one of Australia’s leading department stores, which had been shrouded in enigma and skeptics, and had sent the local stock market into a frenzy. All I had was an internet address, linked to a so-called ‘business’. Within minutes, Michael contacted with a name– a name which no other news media outlet in the.
country possessed. And within hours I had a 22 page report summarizing what appeared to be an in-depth history of the business internet activities of someone named ‘John Edgar’ of Newcastle, in the United Kingdom. This data enabled me to get a great insight into the background and legitimacy of this individual and also the essential information to make it possible for me to attempt to get in contact with him and any so-called business partners.
In a follow-up phone call, Michael was also able to offer me his professional viewpoint on the reliability of this person’s organisation ventures, based on his expeditious but utterly thorough social forensics. His verdict: ‘my gut feel is that this specific gentleman might be all feathers and no meat; there doesn’t seem to be much in the means of human gatekeepers between him and the outside world. He makes use of free Yahoo email addresses, and does not make much work to hide his online activities.’ Not only did his ‘gut feel’ showed spot on, but Mike’s work made it possible for us to beat our competitors to the punch– with by far the day’s most compelling, colourful and insightful story on the mystery bidder.
Michael can be relied upon to respond to such requests with remarkable speed and his work has demonstrated not only detailed and comprehensive but accurate and efficacious. His skills have not only allowed me to break stories but to secure background and relevant information that could take days, if not weeks or months, making use of traditional boots on the ground journalism. In fact, he has the ability to acquire information that most journalists could never attain. He is an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter.”.

Case 7: The Dunkin’ Donuts Case – Extortion and Racketeering.

The Brief— A US based insurance adjuster discovered a site (his-business-name-scam. com) which was created for the particular purpose of hijacking search engine results for his company and repulsing prospective customers. The client was fairly educated on e-commerce issues and identified eleven other victims.
The group of victims enlisted one of Mike’ few competitors, who fell short to generate any results after numerous months. The group then hired Michael to assume responsibility.
The Outcome— Within 36 hours Michael Roberts Page1.me was able to efficiently identify the extortionist (who was on parole), the client was then able to secure video footage of the suspect in the act while attached to a public Wi-Fi at a Dunkin Donuts franchise.
Upon presenting the information to the perpetrator, Michael was able to leverage him for control of the attack sites, and made the demeaning sites to be deleted from the Internet.

Case 8: Global Smear Campaign Extortion Racket.

The Brief— Michael completed a seven-month digital and social forensics investigation that identified an enormous organized crime and murder racket, that aimed at wealthy European entrepreneurs with blackmails of Internet smear campaigns, if they did not provide to the criminals’ extortion requirements.
The Outcome— Over the duration of the investigation, Michael was able to identify the key players behind the racket. They were based in Eastern Germany, Switzerland, British Virgin Islands, Republic of Seychelles and other places. The threat to the client was eliminated through disclosure of the partakers; the matter was then referred to Interpol. Counter Extortion and Cyber-Crime Investigations Explained.
When investigating complex cyber-crimes, it is important to understand the perpetrator’s modus operandi. In most situations things are not what they appear to be. These criminals are professionals in subterfuge, using red-herring tactics to conceal their true objectives. If hasty countermeasures are executed, it signals the wrongdoer to the investigation and can present the victims a false sense of security thinking that the threat has been removed,.
without recognizing the level of the vulnerabilities. Michael utilizes critical thinking and deductive reasoning abilities, created over many years of “getting inside.
the criminal mind” … Positive identification of criminals using the methods outlined above, where appropriate, with the enhancement of the following:.
● Identify geographic nexus of crime.
● Foot-printing the criminal’s social, technical, financial and operational networks.
● Proof and artifact collection and preservation.
● Evidence chain of custody management.
● Law enforcement liaison (for smaller branches missing digital investigative people).
● Litigation support (criminal and civil cases):.
○ Aiding lawyers in drafting complaints/statements of claim.
○ Drafting subpoena and discovery requests.
○ Identifying witnesses.
○ Drafting interrogatory questions for suspects.
○ Expert testimony.

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