Response to JT Foxx scam comments

JT Foxx scam responseMany JT Foxx scam allegations and complaints are floating on the internet. Most of those scam allegations are from people who have not attended one of his events or even heard his podcasts. Event visitors and students of JT responded to these JT Foxx scam comments. 

Listen, just because you guys, who are posting JT Foxx scam comments, are losers and can’t make proper money for yourself doesn’t mean he is a loser too.

I feel sorry for the people who see JT Foxx as a scam, who see scams everywhere. That negativity is why you are still doing your boring 9 to 5 jobs, and he is a MILLIONAIRE.

I went to the Paris event because I missed the one in Geneva and it gave A LOT of great FREE value!

I don’t get from those who call him a scam, is that you pay thousands of dollars for a school education, and you think that is not a scam. But when a guy teaches real-life business technics, you are pushing him in a corner and say it’s a scam? 

JT Foxx just presents his service.. you are free to buy it or not!

I purchased his Wealth WorkOut program for only 97 bucks! I made this decision because what’s the worst thing that can happen? I won’t learn anything and lose the $97. So I think it’s worth the try. So I have been watching it! And seriously, it’s full of great simple tips & ideas. I’ve already implemented 5 of his ideas in my own business & personal life, and I can say that they are EFFICIENT!

Look, there will ALWAYS be haters EVERYWHERE. That’s how life is and the internet is FULL of them! Most of the JT Foxx scam comments come from people who are jealous and think they are smarter than everyone else, because they didn’t “fall” for it like others. Come on guys…

There is nothing JT said that wasn’t interesting.

The only thing I agree with is that he has a whole set of attitude problems, but NO ONE is perfect! I have many flaws, and I am sure YOU do too.

But just take what is best for you. If you can learn from a fool, why not? There is no shame in it. And JTFoxx is many things, but he is no fool. His track record shows that he is a gifted businessman. I really believe that if you don’t learn anything from his coaching, it’s partially YOUR fault. Maybe you are not smart enough to benefit from any given information and to make it beneficial for yourself.

Don’t listen to what other people say. Try things out for yourself before you completely reject them. Don’t give into other people’s fear.

Just because they are inadequate to learn, don’t allow them to pull you down with them.



I am not surprised about the negative JT Foxx scam reviews. They come mostly, if not all, from people who did not pay the $5000 to find out if he really is a scam or not.

In my opinion, most people who think he is a scam are people without higher education or corporate experience / vocational or leadership training.

The real question is to those who invested both in time and money: Was it worth it?

From my own experience with Harv Eker, the training was costing participants 300 euros per day of training, plus travel and lodging expenses.

Did they learn a lot of new skills? Did they learn about branding, how to brand themselves? Yes. Did they learn about time management? Yes. Did they learn sales fundamentals? Yes. Did they learn about product or service offerings? Yes. Did they practice basic speaking and presentation skills? Yes. Etc etc.

How does all this compare with regular training and coaching costs? I think it’s pretty good value.

Does that mean they are now a bigshot, like JT Foxx, Richard Branson, Harv Eker, etc.? Mostly Not.

Why? Because most of them never realised what was involved in getting there and how high the bar is. But for the few that went the whole 100%, they were paid, just two years later, 15k – 20k per event. So, not too bad.

Four years later, two of them now are co-trainer, and one is a lead trainer who earns between 30k and 50k per event. So it worked out for them.

For the rest, was attending the event a worthwhile investment and helping them develop their professional and personal lives? Most say it was worth it.

If people think JT Foxx scam allegations are true, it’s mainly because he sells you a dream.

But what’s wrong with telling you to shoot for the stars or no chance of landing on the moon? That’s still a greater achievement than ten years of being a couch potato in front of a telly, paying 500 a year on sweets.

Are JT Foxx and his coaches sharp sales guys? Yes. But so are the people who sell holidays, insurance, etc. Yet, there are not called a scam.

Are the scam claims false? I don’t think most of them are false. It’s just that most of people are not trained to listen carefully to the small print in a speaker.  

For example they invest together with participants in rental property. Every property is rightfully and legally a business. So if you own shares in BP, even if it is 100 pounds worth, you own part of BP. Same with the claims of earning millions within months. All it takes is to be an associate agent in finding a buyer(s) for a London property. And then, you are part of a deal worth millions. That doesn’t mean they earned millions as part of the deal. Is it intended to give an artificial impression of success as part of a manipulative sales process. Doesn’t that happen all around us? Try cosmetic advertising for women.


With all the JT Foxx scam comments on the internet so far, none has provided any solid proof of their accusations. So who are the bullshitters? Maybe the people calling JT a scam are just sour grapes because of their jealousy.

Here is JT Foxx’s own response to the majority of these scam comments. With detailed proof of his own statements, by the way.