About Us

OfficialResponse.org is a free platform that allows victims of online defamation, or inaccurate media articles, to respond to their critics.


This free service allows you to have a voice again, you can shout as loud as those who would attempt to defame your good name. Publish your own official response now.

This social justice service is 100% free, but it can not be used as a platform for defamation or revenge. You can respond to online defamation, allegations, complaints or any other issues pertaining to yourself personally, or your business, but responses must be kept objective, free of inflammatory language, and in keeping with the generally accepted social norms for social etiquette.

As a general rule, you should avoid naming names. Write about your antagonists generally, without identifying them directly. This service is about restoring your good name, not attacking others, even if you think they deserve it.

If you are ready to issue your first Official Response, you can do so here.